Healing Moves
Herb Horn 0 Slightly recovers Palico and player Health.
Health Horn 2 Recovers Palico and player Health.
True Health Horn 3 Greatly recovers Palico and player Health.
Detox Horn 1 Removes Stench and Poison from self and allies. Also slightly recovers Health.
Vase of Vitality 1 Places a vase that emits a mist that boosts Natural Recovery and heals status.
Parting Gift 2 Burrows underground, dropping a healing item behind.
Soothing Roll 1 Heals any abnormal status and allows the user to roll around at high speeds
Vase of Recovery 1 Recovers own HP and restores HP of surrounding players.
Acorn Sacrifice 0 Restores HP and raises the support gauge in cost of an acorn.
Assisting Moves
Cheer Horn 3 Raises the Arts Gauge and the Prowler Support Gauge.
Demon Horn 2 Boosts Palico and player Attack for a short time.
Armor Horn 1 Boosts Palico and player Defense for a short time.
Ultrasonic Horn 1 Makes small monsters flee, and also deals the effects of Sonic Waves.
Pitfall Purr-ison 4 Sets up a Pitfall Trap that prevents large monsters from moving.
Shock Purr-ison 4 Sets up a Shock Trap that stops large monsters from moving.
Poison Purr-ison 5 Sets a trap that immobilizes large monsters and inflicts them with Poison.
Trampoliner 1 Sets up a trampoline that players can use to jump.
Palico Rally 2 Temporarily empowers user and allied Felynes, and keeps Palicoes from slacking off.
Dung Bombay 0 Throws a Dung Bomb. (Can be used when restrained.)
Go, Fight, Win 2 Hunter Stamina and Prowler Support Gauge consumption is reduced while dancing.
Purr-Caster 3 Teleports the user instantly back to base camp.
Enhanced Horn 1 Grants Wide-Range effect for Hunters and increases Palico healing horns.
SP Horn 2 Plays a horn to immediately enter the SP mode.
Bombing Moves
Mini Barrel Bombay 0 Tosses a Mini Barrel Bomb at foes.
Barrel Bombay 0 Tosses a Barrel Bomb S at foes.
Big Barrel Bombay 2 Rush at a foe with a Barrel Bomb L. (Palico: Fury Mode only.)
Mega Barrel Bombay 3 Rush at a foe with a Barrel Bomb L+. (Palico: Fury Mode only.)
Giga Barrel Bombay 4 Rush at a foe with a Giga Barrel Bomb. (Palico: Fury Mode only.)
Bounce Bombay 0 Sets a bomb that launches into the air.
Flash Bombay 2 Sets a bomb that flies into the air and emits a bright flash.
Anti-Monster Mine 2 Places a mine that goes off when a large monster steps on it.
Anti-Monster Mine+ 3 Places a mine that, when tripped by a large monster, explodes powerfully.
Explosive Roll 1 Allows the user to roll around placing small bombs on the ground.
Rath-of-Meow 4 Hop aboard a hand-made Meownzer tank and blast your foes with cannon fire!
Bombing Ride 1 Allows the user to ride on a bomb. Deals damage while moving.
Ranged Attack Moves
Emergency Retreat 1 Allows the user to quickly burrow. Health is healed while burrowing.
Big Boomerangs 1 Temporarily boosts the size and power of boomerangs. (Stacks with Piercing B.)
Piercing Boomerangs 2 Temporarily boosts boomerang hit count and adds piercing. (Stacks with Big Boomerangs.)
Camouflage 1 Lowers the chance of being targeted and getting up after getting hit takes less time.
Chestnut Cannon 2 Shoots a spiky chestnut from a barrel, with the ability to stun monsters.
Shock Tripper 2 Shoots out a Stagger Beetle which emits a field that makes it easier to knock down foes.
Excavator 1 Digs up all kinds of things out of the ground to chuck at monsters.
Mega Boomerang 2 Hurls a gargantuan boomerang at foes.
Felyne Cannon 2 Creates a cannon where you can shoot yourself out for a certain period of time.
Melee Attack Moves
Weapon Upgrade 3 Weapon temporarily gains more Attack and Affinity. (Palico: Fury Mode only.)
Furr-ious 4 Instantly enter Felyne Fury Mode. (Can't use when already in Fury Mode.)
Taunt 2 Diverts monster attention towards the user.
Felyne Comet 1 A thrust attack that shoots forward like a comet and quickly closes distances.
Claw Dance 2 Performs a powerful series of slashing claw attacks.
Sumo Stomp 1 Generates a shock wave centered on the user's position.
Beast Mode 2 Enter Felyne Beast Mode specialized on melee attacks.
Power Roar 1 Releases a roar that grants unique advantages. Also makes immune to stun.
Diving Attack 1 Immediately burrows and then jumps out to attack. (Works while being underground.)
Wrecking Ball 1 Allows the user to ride on an iron ball. Deals damage while moving.
Beast Release 0 Deactivates Beast Mode.
Stealing Moves
Pilfer 4 A melee attack that steals from monsters. (Palico: more Quest rewards from stealing.)
Plunderang 4 A boomerang attack that steals from monsters. (Palico: more Quest rewards from stealing.)

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